Stop motion is a type of animation where the illusion of motion is created by taking a series of photographs where the subject moves or changes slightly in each photo. The series is then played as a movie clip and thus, the magic happens.  In the past you would have to take the pictures, develop them, digitize them and then edit them together.  Even with the advancement of digital cameras you would still have to know how to edit them together to see your movie.  The Edge of Imagination Station aims to simplify the process to allow you to get your ideas out.

The station allows participants to create their own video using our custom software and workspace.  The workspaces have been designed for portability so we can bring them to you.  Once on location, the workspaces and computers are set up and creation can begin.  The number of workspaces can vary from one to a dozen depending on needs and location.  The media used can also vary from chalk, clay, paper, 3D objects, photographs, rice, stickers, dry erase boards, your hands or your face anything you can imagine, after all, it’s all around us.  Recently we have been experimenting with projections that allow you and your friends to become part of the art and get inside the animation!